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Unleashed Pixel Dungeon


Unleashed Pixel Dungeon is a game based on Shattered Pixel Dungeon (with permission from the creator). Unleashed belongs to a category of Rogue-lite games that features random dungeon layouts, a vast variety of items and a full RPG experience. This game is difficult and you will die often, but that only makes the rewards of winning that much sweeter.I am attempting to take the game in a new direction by adding new features across the board. Differences from Shattered Pixel include:
- difficulty levels (through the out-of-game settings menu - top-left gears) Tutorial - adds useful hints to the dungeon, badges earned only on death Easy - easier mobs, tougher hero, better drops, badges only on death, save anywhere Normal - base game, save only at level entrance signs Hard - mobs tougher, less upgrades, less drops Nightmare - mobs tougher, hero a little weaker, less upgrades, no saving Endless - an infinite dungeon with themed levels and monster sets, unlocked by defeating the 4th boss Test Mode - A God-Like mode I use to test out new features, unlocked by bringing the Amulet back to the surface
- Load / Save functionality (in the easier difficulty levels through the in-game settings menu - top-right)- Larger level sizes with more mobs, rooms and loot- Five new levels added to the normal dungeon along with new mobs and Mini-Bosses- Holy Altars where you can donate goods for divine intervention- New level types - Frozen levels, Burnt levels and Cavernous Open levels- New dungeon rooms and features including Altars, and Prisons- New weapon enchantments: including Glowing, Ancient, Hunting, Vicious and Midas weapons- New items and armour glyphs- Useful item drops in high-grass- Your hero can now go to even higher levels, and you get slight buffs on level up- Your quick-slot buttons now auto-aim on a mob if none is selected- Items now have level caps, with a chance of failure for higher levels- Better descriptions of Armour glyphs and weapon enchantments- Rings included in your Catalogue (click on your hero-icon in game)- Throwing potions at monsters can affect them- Lots of tweaks to maintain game balance and fun- New Ankh Chain- Bug fixes and more!
If you have any crashes please remember to submit the crash report, it helps a lot. And if you see anything that doesn't work the way you think it should please send me an email.
I hope you enjoy the changes, and I look forward to adding new features in the near future. Please stay tuned for updates, they occur frequently :-)